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Entry #2

New Flash!

2009-07-23 12:15:19 by Cantdoright

Hello everyone, it has been a while since my last post and you probably did not even notice. So what have I been up to you ask? Well really just procrastinating on a project I started in April near the 17th during my spring break. The Idea for my recent animation You Got The Shit came into my head as I was waiting for my late bus. On that very day I recruited Leewp to do the voices of my animation and from that day on Leewp worked hard on recording the voices, while the most I did was just draw what the characters looked like (yeah... sorry about that man). Soon Leewp took longer and longer in sending me the edit recordings and soon I forgot about the project, but on May 6th Private Messaged me the final cut of the recordings, which you hear in the animation today. All was going great until we reached the dreaded 2nd scene! It was almost impossible to communicate how I wanted the scene to be recorded and took many retries and do-overs. Finally scene two was recorded perfectly on June 6th (lot of historic times on the 6th). All that was left was the blonde man's voice. On the first try Leewp did not quite get what I wanted him to sound like, so I used our regular technique in which I would do a scratch take and Leewp would understand how to read his lines until it became what you hear now. However the blonde man's was different mainly because we like my voice for him so well we just used that one. Finally after the voices where all done I began to work on the animation. It was really a faster process then I had though and the only thing that took me so long is my ability to procrastinate. Then finally (after playing some of the new monster hunter) I finished the animation yesterday. It was a great project and I hope you enjoy/enjoyed it. Thank you for reading and please comment.

P.S. Animator if you're looking for a great Voice Actor go to Leewp, he is awesome at what he does.


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2009-07-23 13:15:26

well man that was a funny flash i hope your newer flashs yet to come are as good keep it up man

Cantdoright responds:

Thanks for the comment, I hope you enjoyed the journy that we went through. My next peice of work will be disney themed for a callab so look forward to it.


2010-05-30 20:23:12

Very Nasty but whatever your flash was better then loads of ha well um, shit. Keep up the good work I'll keep an eye out for yah